BabyBump Seat Belt
BabyBump Seat Belt
BabyBump Seat Belt
BabyBump Seat Belt
BabyBump Seat Belt
BabyBump Seat Belt
BabyBump Seat Belt
BabyBump Seat Belt
BabyBump Seat Belt

BabyBump Seat Belt

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Why need the BabyBump Seat Belt? Many studies and countless personal experiences demonstrate that there are significant risks to the pregnant woman and her unborn child from using the current seat belt system as designed.

In the event of a collision or even just an emergency stop, standard seat belts can put a dangerous amount of pressure on a pregnant belly, luckily, our BabyBump Seat Belt is guaranteed to secure the safety of the mother and her unborn little one(s) given that it is highly engineered and tested for the best safety!


  • SAFETY: Ordinary seat belts can be dangerous during pregnancy; even a small accident can cause damaging pressure on the belly and its precious contents.
  • RIDE OR DRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE: Instead, use this simple device to keep the waist belt away from your belly. Easy one-time installation and virtually effortless to use.
  • STURDY AND RELIABLE: This device is made from the same fabric and type of buckle used in standard seat belts, so you can be sure it's every bit as strong as your existing restraint system.
  • ADDED COMFORT AS WELL AS SAFETY: With no pressure on the belly, "buckling up" will be more comfortable. Great for people recovering from stomach or abdominal surgery too!


Step 1: Place the upper strap over your chest then secure the safety buckle.
Step 2: Put the other harness/strap across your thighs and make sure the buckle is properly clipped on.
Step 3: Make sure the straps are not too loose or too tight.


Material: Polyester
Type: Seat Belt
Adaptation models: bolt 2.1CM/0.8inch
Special Features: 
For Pregnant
Item Length: 170cm/70inches
Beige, Black, Grey


  • 1 BabyBump Seat Belt 
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Size Fits All

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